compiled and annotated by Patrick Lundborg


A collection of newspaper and magazine articles from the original Elevators era. Click on the thumbnail image to view a fullsize scan.

Austin American Statesman
The hometown paper supported the Elevators from an early stage, mainly via Jim Langdon's Nightbeat column.

One of the earliest mentions of the Elevators, from late 1965. The two photos were not part of the original article.

The 45 is banned on radio

Enthusiastic concert review. This piece is the earliest reference to "psychedelic rock music" that is known to exist, not just in Texas, but anywhere.

Various clippings from the Spring 1966. Scanned from Not Fade Away magazine 1975, a pioneering effort in Elevator appreciation.

Trial date set after January drug bust. The band received very mild sentences due to a clerical error!

Roky arrested in 1969. The article makes no mention of his rock'n'roll career.


Houston Post
Scott Holtzman (the Fever Tree mentor) wrote frequently and intelligently about new rock music, covering the Elevators several times.

Thoughts on the new psychedelic music phenomena, 1967-February

Review of Easter Everywhere, 1967-November

Billboard Magazine



Late 1966 article on San Francisco bands, among which the Elevators are mentioned.

Mother Magazine
Mother was a local Texas underground music paper, put out by Larry Sepulvado. After three ambitious issues in 1967-68, the magazine folded. Elevators coverage was extensive.

A lengthy article/interview from circa April 1968, capturing the band's final attempts to get their career back on track

A news column from the same issue (#3) that discusses Powell St John and mentions a new Elevators 45

Rolling Stone
In late '68, Rolling Stone ran a feature on new Texas rock music, including an 'obituary' for the Elevators


Space City News
This Houston underground paper was one of the few publications to write about the Elevators and Roky during "the dark years" of the early 1970s.



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